Losing Weight: Separating Reality From Bullshit

Let’s face it, there is a lot of bad information on weight-loss out there. So many people are just posting things as click bait and not even thinking about what it might lead to.

google auto-suggest grapefruit

This is not to say that there isn’t good information our there as well, but filtering through the endless amount of garbage has become a daunting task!

First, if you are planning on losing weight that means you are going to be uncomfortable. You aren’t going to go on a milkshake diet or work at this only when you feel like it. Losing weight is a full time job. Even when you hit your goal weight you still have to maintain or you will balloon back your losses. Let’s start with what does not work.

The Bullshit

Any sort of Fruit Diet

As you can tell from the screen shot above,  I think fruit diets are largely bullshit. Not only do they pack loads of sugar (which slows your metabolism and promotes cancer) but they also make you feel like your on the right path, when you clearly are not. These types of diets exists so that you can type any food into google and make yourself feel good about eating it. Unfortunately, this is bullshit. Stay away from fruit.

Diets with Cheat Days

“But Tim Ferriss Said!”. Tim Ferriss is wrong. For most of us the days after a cheat day are absolute hell because of the cravings. Cravings are a son of a bitch. When you take a cheat day you spike your insulin and all sorts of horrible shit begins to happen in your body.

Extremist Religion-type diets (Keto, paleo, Crossfit, Bulletproof, etc)

I’ve had great success with the Keto diet. I do not recommend you do this to your body long term though unless you are getting your blood tested every 3-6 months. The bullshit about extremist type diets are that everyones body is different. There are certain constants but you really need to be careful before you shock the shit out of yourself. Know what i mean?

The Truth

Less Calories, specifically Carbs

You have heard it before and IT IS the truth. When you are taking less food in, specifically sugary foods, your body will reward you by shedding copious amounts of fat. Just staying under 75 carbs a day for most people will be completely life changing. It all depends on where you are at. Though i have friends who differ, i always count my carbs before i count my calories. Calories can be deceiving. For example, if you eat 3 sugar cookies every day and nothing else you may still put on weight.

Movement (Any Movement!)

Even walking is better than sitting on your ass! Let’s not forget about jumping jacks and jumping rope. These two can be a great cardio workout as well. There is a common mistake a lot of people make when trying to lose weight. They try to do a shit ton of cardio while eating like an absolute pig. Oh man, the toll this takes on your body! Don’t do it!!

Portion Control

Portion control = no bullshit. Tony Robbins use to say to “leave some on the plate”. I say only put a little bit on the plate that way you aren’t temped. If your going to a fancy restaurant, tell them to take back the bread. Bread is so good and way too tempting if you are trying to cut weight. Even if you have small portions for your meal, bread turns the actual amount of calories you are taking in into a huge amount!

Integrating Your New Eating Habits into your lifestyle

One of the hardest things that no fad diet site seems to mention is how hard it is to integrate into your lifestyle. Let’s face it – even though we love them, most of our friends and family eat horribly. When you are starting or maintaining your new eating habits you must be prepared for temptation!

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